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The truth of “Halal”

To all the Muslims or non-Muslims out there, halal food is something almost everyone is seeking for highly nowadays in the market.

Halal food traditionally offers variety of choices to the customers. The truth is, any type of food that once been prohibited before, like caviar, has now became officially approved by Islamic customer and is 100% halal now in the market.

Halal signifies of permissible. It is a type of action behaviour that allow the tradition Muslims out there that are juristic interpretations of the Quran and the Prophet Muhammad’s sayings and deeds.

We often see news and people out there arguing about whether halal food is healthy or not, and many of these cases are known as “tayyib”. This word was inspired by the Quranic which instructs believers.

Tayyib is a word that can have many different meanings in it such as tasty too flagrant to pleasant. When it comes to food related, it will be translated into quality and also high-class in some sort of way.

To a small bunch of Muslims out there, tayyib carries a different definition which refers to halal food that is healthier and clean. Just like fruit and vegetables, it also separated into organic and non-organic, pesticide-free or non-GMO.

The word “tayyib-halal” also means of meat, nos specific on beef or chicken. The buyer around the world especially the Muslims are really paying attention to the authentic and original of the meat they are purchasing.

However, in Singapore, all the Muslims will be able to buy their halal meat from supermarkets or specialized grocers and butchers, depending on its availability and beef supplier singapore various definitions of halal. The halal meat section in the grocery market will be in a large part that fully relies on the industrially produced and non-free range meat as well.

In another point of view, there is meat that satisfies the “basic needs for halal slaughter.” But bear in mind that it also has a separate certification for meat that was harvested in slaughterhouses compliant with animal welfare guidelines and also more consistent with a tayyib-halal ethos.

For the approach of tayyib-halal, the halal status of meat sourced from animals not treated humanely, in life or death have been fully suspected by the government.

Until now, there are still people out there arguing about the belief system in Muslim, the final good and humane approach to animals means abstaining from subjugating, exploiting and killing them.

Islamic have mentioned that the vegan Muslims will always show deep concern for animal well-being, and so does the non-Muslims out there. Therefore, the logic of following the interpretation of animal welfare in Islam should be to avoid or even stop killing the animals.

Some Muslims, however, are resisting the tayyib-halal ethos. We cannot expect all of the Muslims and also non-Muslims to accept tayyib halal food in some sort of way.

To conclude, Halal Meat Supplier Singapore has a high potential to grow better and better in the near future market. It does not matter to Muslims or non-Muslims; people will always look for the simplest yet healthy food to purchase. Packaging is something that is considered as an “bonus” to the customer. When it really comes to purchase, people will still prefer to go for the simple yet trustworthy.…

Tips for building a well-known brand

Building a new brand could be tough for most entrepreneurs and businessmen. Apart from fulfilling the basic requirements of a brand, you need to make sure that your brand is well known among your target audiences and their final choice of particular products is from your brand. It sounds difficult and branding agency Malaysia is here to help you with your troubles.

There are a few tips which you can apply to your brand:

1. Build a website for your brand

Living in the 21st century whereby mobile gadgets are popular and everyone is addicted to scrolling the post in social media or website. Why don’t you create a website to promote your products or services? Follow the trend or your brand will be eliminated. You can post your content and images of your products online creatively and attractively. Content marketing is new trend for your brand. You can boost your brand’s popularity with a creative yet informative website.

2. Remain consistency for your brand

Consistency is a vital characteristic for your newly developed brand to gain more trust from your customers. You need to build trust in between your brand and the customers to ensure that they will continually purchase your product. Some loyal customers will help you to promote your product unconsciously because they want others to enjoy your products or services too. Your popularity will rise because you remain consistent theme. Content, logo, name and the types of products.

3. Learn from mistakes and never please everyone

As a brand owner, it is impossible for your brand to be loved by everyone. Therefore, you need to set your target goals and listed down which group of people are your potential customers and follow that path to success. Be unique and this will be your attractive point to lure more potential customers from purchasing your products.

If you need assistance, feel free to contact brand agency Malaysia for more information and advice.