Benefits of Oil Palm

Malaysia is a South East asian country that is known for its big industry on oil palm. Ensuring to maintain and remain good and high quality palm oil, you will need all the necessary things to make sure that the palm oil retrieves enough and sufficient nutrients for it to grow, which one of them can be considered as fertiliser, light, soil, land and water. Oil palm production and processing in Malaysia started from around the 70’s and is now a vital part of the economy, that made Malaysia the second biggest exporter of oil palm in the world. The agency that is responsible for the oil palm industry in malaysia Malaysian Palm Oil Board, where it functions to ensure that the industry makes profits and is promoted to everyone. The oil palm industry is big and is increasing its sales every year, which contributes a lot to the whole economy of Malaysia. ‘

As we know, oil palm is the oil that is extracted from a species of palm trees and has many uses in the world we know today. Even those who claim they do not use oil palm in their cooking, they are instantly using it on other things. Why is this? Well there is a fact that oil palm is basically used in everything. From our food, to our cosmetics and also to our cleaning products. This is one of the benefits, it is used in everything and makes our lives easier to manage and live.

When looking into health, there are some benefits of consuming it, like for example it can reduce our cholesterol levels, boost our brain health. Oil palm is also said to lower and reduce the progression of heart disease and supplies us with an amount of nutrients and vitamins like vitamin A.

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